The Future of Work – a Millennials point of view


by Kevin O´Donovan

What do millennials really think of the Utility Industry? Is it a ‘boring’ industry to work in? Is this industry competing for millennials who are more interested in working for the likes of Google? Let’s hear from our millennials!

For the past few years, many of us ‘experienced’ folks from the industry have been discussing and debating the question of new talent entering the utility industry. We understand the need to retain the skills and knowledge of today’s workforce, but we also see how important it is to attract and develop new talents who can help the industry in its transformation. 

Some time ago a Millennial made the comment to me along the lines of … “It was interesting to hear you old guys debating amongst yourselves how the next generation of workers are going to save the industry, while we (the next generation) sat in front of you. But it was as if we did not exist, no one asked for our opinion. It was a bit surreal…”

So as an event Brand Ambassador and general industry advocate, I think it my duty to encourage change and have been working with my friends at EUW to add a session to this year’s Initiate! Programme titled “The Future of Work – a Millennials point of view”.

The Chairperson, the majority of the speakers and panellists will all be Millennials and maybe even a Generation Z person. The plan is to hear directly from today’s generation. What attracted them to this industry? What motivates them day to day? Where do they see this industry going? And what do they believe needs to happen so that they will continue to develop their careers in this industry?

Why not join us? We are looking for ‘volunteers’ – if you see yourself as a Millennial or Generation Z and wish to contribute to the development and delivery of this session, please do get in touch and register here.  It’s time for you to set the agenda, not us.