The Nordic countries – one step ahead in advanced AMR


The Nordic countries – one step ahead in advanced AMR


In addition to advanced AMR, the Nordics have been a cradle of other great technological achievements. One well-known example is Nordic mobile telephony standards, which started the mobile telephone boom. Advanced AMR is part of a constellation of Nordic technological development. Starting out as simple AMR, it is now more than just automatic meter reading and is therefore called ‘advanced AMR’.

Enermet has been paving the way for the others on the AMR highway. Now Enermet is further strengthening its position in the advanced AMR business by joining forces with other leading companies. The Nordic countries have become an innovative laboratory for AMR in recent decades. Since the beginning of this year, nearly 3 million of a total of 14 million AMR endpoints have been sold in the Nordic region – over one third of them by Enermet. And Enermet has delivered more AMR systems in the Nordic countries than any other system supplier.


An open-minded culture that favours technological progress, in addition to the deregulation of the Nordic region’s electricity markets, has encouraged the development of pioneering solutions. Enermet introduced its first AMR and load control solution more than 20 years ago – and today, Enermet’s fourth-generation advanced AMR system, AIM, is a total metering management solution, able to meet even the future needs of an energy company.

Thanks to the operational advantages that advanced AMR offers, these systems are gaining popularity even in countries where they are not required by legislation.


The Nordic energy companies are currently making major decisions concerning metering data management, and these decisions will bring automatic meter reading to every household. The ongoing change is one of the biggest in the history of the energy industry.

Smart metering is the fastest-growing segment of the global metering business, with demand being driven by a combination of deregulation, environmental concerns, power generation and network constraints, sophisticated energy pricing schemes, and gains in operational efficiency.

Standardisation, in forms such as the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) is ongoing in Europe. Within five years, Central Europe will have a similar market situation to the one the Nordics have now. Energy data management companies with proven technology and an established track record for advanced AMR will have excellent opportunities there.

Experiences from the ‘Nordic laboratory’ are of great interest to the rest of the energy metering world. The results, the pros and cons, and a vision of the future from the Nordic point of view are therefore under the spotlight.


In May 2006 the Bayard Group – the Sydney-based global investor in energy measurement and efficiency technologies – agreed to acquire Enermet Group Oy. The acquisition means that Enermet joins forces with other strong companies in the Bayard Group such as Landis+Gyr, Hunt Technologies, and Ampy Email Metering. This again means improved service and future-proof products for the energy industry.

Enermet looks confidently toward the future: we believe that being part of the Bayard Group offers us the possibility for significant growth. And it definitely brings synergies, as each member of the Bayard Group has a specific area of expertise. This expertise can now be used for the benefit of the whole energy metering industry.