Third PLC World Summit in Brussels


The PLCforum was founded in 2000 to promote the technology and offer a platform to share information with all interested parties. It was one of the early promoters of the OPERA project (Open PLC European Research Alliance) formed to develop a new standardised PLC product generation.

PLC involves the transmission of broadband signals over the low and medium voltage power networks to individual power sockets in homes and businesses, avoiding the need to lay additional cables. PLC equipment is not restricted to the telecommunication and entertainment industries – it is also used for automatic meter reading, real time system monitoring (load management), preventive maintenance, and outage detection and restoration. These energy applications are already positively influencing utilities’ business cases. PLC makes the dream of convergence of telecommunication, entertainment and energy applications on one IP platform a reality.

The PLCforum is organising the third PLC World Summit in Brussels, Belgium, on 15 and 16 December 2005. Delegates will get a complete overview about state-of-the-art PLC applications and related business models, and will be able to view the most recent products developed by leading companies.