Trials could lead the way to mass metering

Thames Water

London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — October 9, 2006 – U.K. utility Thames Water has begun a four-year program to install water meters in all homes in Bromley and Croydon on change of occupancy. The utility hopes to start installing water meters at all homes in its supply area on change of occupancy from 2010, subject to regulatory approval.

The trial will enable Thames Water to learn how to overcome some of the practical difficulties with installing meters, and thereby make mass metering more efficient in the future. It will also provide further information on the effect meters have on customer consumption.

“Past experience suggests the installation of meters reduces demand for water, but we want to better understand this,” said Vanessa Clark, Head of Metering at Thames Water. “The meters will be installed for free, and will allow customers to manage their own demand and the level of their bills.”

Clark says the utility has seen a huge increase this year in the number of customers choosing to have a meter installed, as they become more aware of the financial and environmental benefits of conserving water.