Trilliant connects 10 million UK smart meters


Global communications solutions firm Trilliant Networks has now connected more than ten million end points including gas meters, electric meters, and in-home displays throughout the UK.

To date, the company’s communications solutions connect consumers’ in-home displays and provides meter data to the retailer, resulting in the delivery of information that both the consumer and retailer can use to manage energy more efficiently.

Recently, Trilliant deployed a Smart Meter System Operator (SMSO) solution to provide secure, managed AMI in the cloud to complement the existing large-scale deployments within the UK.

Andy White, CEO at Trilliant, commented: “Ten million end points in the United Kingdom is quite an accomplishment…We are developing and deploying technologies, solutions, and services that combine equipment and knowledge to benefit both energy retailers and consumers by providing visibility into energy utilisation.”

The company claims its solution will help energy providers to prepare their energy network for future business models and achieve a strong return on investment on AMI.

The news follows the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy issuing smart meter rollout statistics stating that the UK has increased the number of domestic smart meters installed by large energy suppliers by 12% in the last quarter of 2017 compared to the previous quarter. Read more…

To date, over 11 million smart meters have been installed in homes across Great Britain, according to energy regulator Ofgem.