Tritech introduces MeshNET 3.0


Stockholm, Sweden — (METERING.COM) — October 6, 2008 – Wireless solution developer Tritech is introducing its MeshNET 3.0, with new functions for metering of electricity, water and gas according to the MBUS standard (EN13757-x). MeshNET 3.0 will also support interfaces that meet the requirements in the Netherlands and Germany.

MeshNET has during the last few years established itself as a reliable and simple solution for communication to and from electricity meters in environments where communication is demanding and difficult. Electric grid operators, such as e-on, Fortum, and Helsinki Energy, are using MeshNET today, and Tritech will shortly make delivery of its 100,000th terminal.

The first mass produced units were delivered in 2006.

When Tritech began developing MeshNET, the company realized that future demands for communication and functionality for automatic meter reading (AMR) would rapidly require entirely new communications solutions. For Tritech ”smart metering” is an umbrella term for a solution with demand for an increasing number of new functions, more frequent and faster readings, and very high demand for central access to information from the energy meters. The concept of smart metering in Europe also incorporates multi-utility metering, including gas and flow measurements of hot tap water.

“After having established ourselves as a supplier of reliable wireless communication for energy metering in Scandinavia, and after being strengthened by our success, we are now ready to take the step into Europe,” says Christer Österlind, product manager for MeshNet at Tritech. “In MeshNET 3.0 there are amongst other things support for wireless MBUS, a standard for communication with, amongst other things, gas meters, and access communication via 3G.”

Tritech is headquartered in Stockholm and has offices in Linköping, Västerås and Örebro.