Turkey smart meters: Kamstrup opens Istanbul office

Danish metering solutions provider Kamstrup this week announced the opening of its new local subsidiary in Istanbul, Turkey.

The company confirmed the purpose of the Turkey subsidiary is “provide better support and to be closer to their Turkish customers and partners.”

Rene Nygaard, regional sales manager at Kamstrup, said: ”To create a valuable supply business for our customers and potential partners in Turkey, we need to be close to them and understand the market and the conditions.”

The development comes at a time when Kamstrup is engaged in separate contracts with two Turkish utilities for implementation of smart meters pilot projects.

Nygaard added: ”Our partnership with CLK Enerji is part of a bigger pilot project run by CLK Enerji and DNV/KEMA and financial supported by the Energy Market Regulatory Agency.

“The performance results from this project will have great importance for developing a roadmap for the Turkish rollout and it will be a major step towards influencing the framework conditions”

By opening the sales office in Turkey, Kamstrup now has 24 subsidiaries in different countries and is looking forward to increase the number before year end.

To date, the smart water and power metering solutions provider has deployed more than 10 million smart meters around the world.

Turkey smart meters landscape

The opening of the Kamstrup sales office in Turkey follows changes in the country’s AMI market with increased investment and entrance by various solutions providers.

In Q2 2015, Turkish electrical utility company Kayseri ve Civarı Elektrik Türk AŞ (KCETAŞ) secured a grant from the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) to deploy a US-supplied software system for real-time data infrastructure.[quote]

The US-funded grant was aimed at opening doors for US smart grid companies in Turkey and to help utilities improve the electrical transmission infrastructure.

The Data Integration and the Automated Demand Side Management Pilot Project (ADSM) at KCETAŞ was launched to provide a data infrastructure to enable better understanding of the availability and demand for electricity.

The project deployed California-based operations software company OSIsoft’s PI system, an industry standard in enterprise infrastructure for management of real-time data and events.

By enabling real-time smart grid monitoring the project aimed to reduce peak power load requirements and to improve the generation, transmission and distribution resources of the KCETAŞ electricity network.

The project also established the optimal strategy to extract, integrate and visualize data and deploy enabling capabilities in future smart grid initiatives in Turkey.

Leocadia I. Zak, director of USTDA, said: “USTDA is pleased to partner with OSIsoft and KCETAŞ on this project, which we believe could have a transformative effect not only in Kayseri, but across the entire Turkish distribution grid.

“By successfully demonstrating the utility of this leading US technology, we hope that OSIsoft and other US firms may gain greater access to the vast smart grid project opportunities in Turkey.”