U.K. government encouraged to deploy smart meters to more consumers


Andrew Warren,
Director, Association
for the Conservation
of Energy
London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — September 1, 2008 – The Association for the Conservation of Energy, a research and lobbying group that works to raise a positive awareness of energy conservation and encourage increased investment in energy saving measures, has called on the government to ensure that small businesses and individual households get smart meters for improved energy efficiency.

The director of the Association, Andrew Warren, said: “If the UK is to meet its challenging carbon dioxide reduction targets, shouldn’t the government be making the most of any possible opportunity to engage householders and businesses in saving energy? In a time of rising fuel prices, energy bills are more likely to catch the attention of customers and could be a very useful tool for providing feedback on efforts to reduce energy consumption and promoting energy saving.”

Warren points out that it will take at least ten years to introduce smart meters throughout the country; in the meantime, the government should be encouraging utilities to improve their billing practices so that all consumers receive regular, accurate bills that also contain additional in formation such as historical comparisons.

The Association believes that the additional information provided by more detailed bills and smart meters will allow owners of small businesses and individual householders to make decisions that improve energy efficiency and reduce the amount they are currently spending on power.