U.K. government puts energy usage online


Chris Huhne, Energy
and Climate Change
London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) —- June 11, 2010 – In line with a commitment to be “greener” and more transparent than its predecessor the new British government has started displaying its energy usage online in real time.

The first two departments to go online are the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Home Office, and all other central government departments will follow in the coming months.

“We’re opening up Whitehall’s electricity and gas meters to public scrutiny,” said energy and climate change secretary, Chris Huhne, who is leading the government’s “Greenest Government Ever” initiative. “There can be no hiding place for energy waste in central government. Only by leading by example can we expect businesses and homes up and down the country to follow suit.”

The aim of the initiative, of which the real time on-line energy display is part, is to cut carbon emissions from central government by 10 percent in the next year.

The online displays show energy usage in terms of units of energy, cost and carbon, but otherwise are different. The DECC is piloting a display powered by an in-house project CarbonCulture, which shows and updates the London headquarters’ combined electricity and gas usage every 5 seconds. The tool provides an at-a-glance view of energy use over the last 24 hours. As more data is collected it will become available in different formats, for example, for the past week, month and year, and with current performance compared to previous performance.

The Home Office is piloting a display by ecoDriver, which shows both energy and water usage for the London headquarters in a bar graph format. Via a menu electricity or gas, individually or combined, or water is selected, along with the desired timescale, from half hourly up to annually (since June 7, 2010), and by number of units, cost, and CO2 emissions.

The “Greenest Government Ever” initiative was announced by the prime minister, David Cameron last month.

To view the DECC online display click HERE

To view the Home Office online display click HERE