U.K. government’s Whitehall headquarters goes online with energy usage


Greg Barker,
Minister for Energy
and Climate Change
London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — August 6, 2010 – All 18 British government departments at their Whitehall headquarters are now displaying their energy usage, and in some cases also water usage, online in real time for public viewing.

The initiative is part of a drive by the government to be “greener” and more transparent in its activities, and specifically to reduce its carbon emissions by 10 percent over the next year.

The first two departments put their real time energy usage online in early June and the others have followed in a fast track process (see U.K. government puts energy usage online)

Going public about how much energy is being wasted is the first step to changing staff behavior across the government estate, commented energy and climate change minister Greg Barker, who chairs the 10% government working group.

“For too long Whitehall has been guilty of preaching and not acting on efficiency. Shining a spotlight on what’s being used in real time will help staff change their behavior and the public hold us to account,” said Barker. “We said we’d be the greenest government ever and we mean it.”

The introduction of the real time energy displays is just one element of work going on across Whitehall to reduce carbon emissions. Savings are being achieved through common sense measures as simple as reducing the use of cooling systems and turning off IT equipment when not in use. Real time energy meters help departments to identify when and where energy is being used and help them try and find ways to reduce that energy use.

Further, according to the government’s recently released Annual Energy Statement, its intention is to apply the experience and example of central government to the wider public sector.

The departmental real time energy displays can be found HERE.