UK coal-free for six days and counting


The UK has achieved a new record by avoiding coal-fired generation for the last six days, and counting.

Whilst this may not mean that the country has sourced its power for the period from purely renewable sources, it represents the longest consecutive period that country has run from sources other than coal since the Industrial Revolution.

The country’s previous record, set over the 2019 Easter weekend set a new record with no coal-fired electricity generation for more than three days.

According to National Grid, none of the 39.5GW supplying the country are being generated by coal plants.

The UK has firm energy transition goals in place, including the elimination of coal-fired generation, and the transition to zero-carbon power by 2025.

Julian Leslie, Head of National Control at National Grid Electricity System Operator said: “As more and more renewables come onto our energy system, coal-free runs like this are going to increasingly seem like the ‘new normal’. We believe that by 2025 we will be able to fully operate Great Britain’s electricity system with zero carbon.

“The transformation of how we get the energy to heat our homes and power our work is a massive change but the advantages it brings in terms of green energy far outweigh any challenges. “