UK in-home electricity and water display company Green Energy Options (GEO) has launched a new product specifically designed to meet the technical requirements specified by major Dutch grid operators, ahead of Netherlands smart meter roll out of 15 million units, as reported in

The Cambridge-based company has developed an in-house display (IHDs) for the Dutch market designed to meet the communications requirements of the local electricity market.

The Solo II P1 product can be fitted at the time the smart meter is installed or retrofitted after the smart meter has been installed.

The announcement follows the release of a study by research organisation VassaETT into IHDs in April 2014.

The findings show that displays deliver savings of 9 per cent on average per household.

The report also concluded that IHDs provide the single biggest benefit of smart meters to consumers by allowing them real or near-time information.

Furthermore, the report concluded that multiple channels of engagement can in fact complement each other, such as bills, websites and mobile apps can enhance and reinforce the benefits of IHDs.

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