Uk’s First Composite Residential Water Meter Launched


Sensus Metering Systems is launching the UK’s first composite residential water meter – the result of four years research and development at Sensus with specialist polymer manufacturer Barlog. Development of the new meter was spurred by growing industry concern over the continued use of metals in meters, and the body of the award-winning Sensus 620-C is manufactured using a unique metal-free composite material.

Two new Sensus products are now being manufactured using the composite material – the ResidiaJet C apartment meter, which is used extensively in other European countries, and the 620-C residential water meter for the UK market.

The composite material is much lighter than brass and at least as strong as metal used in meter production. It has allowed an enhanced installation feature – a patented swivel connector that enables misalignment of pipes to be corrected without the need for extra work during meter exchange.

The 620-C retains the excellent metrological performance of the metal-bodied 620 through the use of proven internal components and register, and can easily be fitted with an HRI sensor as part of an automatic meter reading (AMR) system.