Asda-Superstore Elster energy management softwareUK supermarket Asda, one of the ‘Big Four’, is rolling out Elster Group’s energy management software in its stores and distribution centers, the latest food retailer to adopt smart metering technology.

The software division of the metering giant Elster Energy ICT revealed last week that it had won a tender for a five-year contract with Asda.

Elster Energy ICT will help the retailer deploy EnactoTM 9.3, the most recent version of the company’s self-learning energy monitoring management platform.

Asda will use the software to manage more than 10,000 meters in around 660 sites across the UK in a bid to cut energy costs and increase savings, Elster Energy ICT confirmed in a statement.

Self-learning solution

The cloud-hosted platform analyses data and alerts energy managers to areas needing attention.

The platform then learns from the actions taken to prevent unnecessary alarms in the future.

Commenting on the adoption of the smart metering functionality, Louise Hall, energy manager at Asda, said: “Elster EnergyICT has a proven track record in helping us deliver tangible energy and cost savings.

“The EnactoTM 9.3 solution will give us full view of our energy usage across our estate and enable us to continue to manage and reduce our energy consumption.”

Energy efficiency targets

Asda has been working with Elster Energy ICT since 2005 with aim of reaching a 2020 target set by its parent company, Walmart, to reduce energy usage by 20% compared with 2010 levels.

The partnership strengthens Elster’s relationship with Walmart, which recently signed a deal across over 2,000 of its stores in Mexico.

Elster Energy ICT also won a major win with another of the Big Four supermarkets when it signed a three-year contract with Tesco to deploy its system in 3,000 stores and track the energy use of 90,000 assets, reports Business Green.