UK utility attempts to break into German gas market

Dusseldorf Filler Image

London, UK — (METERING.COM) — July 2, 2006 – Germany is a vital part of the European gas market. By 2015 more than 100 billion cubic meters of gas will pass through the country en route to other Western European markets. Centrica, a UK utility, has announced this week that it will attempt to break into this $77 billion market by opening a German office.

Through the new office Centrica hopes to eventually sell gas to local industries, businesses and Stadtwerke, or local governments, whose residents account for 30% of German gas demand.

The new German energy regulator, established in 2005, will in August this year review the high charges that major suppliers such as E.on and RWE impose on competitors for using their gas networks and also is taking steps to simplify the gas regulatory environment.

Centrica has announced that its German energy specialist, Uwe Johann, has moved to Düsseldorf in order to run the new German office with 15 other local specialists and power experts.