UK’s Good Energy boosts reach into EV services market


UK renewables energy supplier Good Energy has bought a 12.9% stake in app company Zap-Map, extending its reach into the EV charging and related services markets.

The deal includes a provisory whereby Good Energy can buy the company in two years time.

The buy-in secures Good Energy access to data on EV owners, as well a new potential revenue stream by selling renewable power to users. The company also recently launched an EV tariff.

With a total of 70,000 monthly users, Zap-Map offers users a route-planner, based on charging needs and charging station availability by using a network of public and private charging stations linked to the app.

Nissan has already bought a licence to the software, and Zap-Map are currently rolling out Zap-Pay, enabling users to pay for charging through a single app.

Development plans include integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Co-founder Melanie Shufflebotham said the deal would be beneficial to peer-to-peer markets:

“Good Energy shares the understanding that the growth of EVs requires an entirely new mindset: a localised point-by-point power network and the ability to easily share or pay for electricity on a charge-by-charge basis,” she said.

“Together we will can lead in the emerging energy sharing economy in which homes, businesses and EV owners will trade and exchange power using the local energy grids of the not-too-distant future.”

Good Energy has said it isn’t planning on investing in charging infrastructure in the immediate future, which bucks the trend of energy companies acquiring or partnering with charging infrastructure companies.

While some energy companies are buying or partnering with charging companies, Good Energy said it has no plans to invest in charging infrastructure “just yet”.