UK property developer and Energy Assets partner on AMI rollout


Under the GBP6m collaboration, the metering company will supply an AMI solution comprising of smart gas, water and electricity meters for installation in East Lothian Development’s buildings.

According to a local publication, the meters will be deployed in the company’s 1,450 properties including some residential and commercial flats and homes, offices, retail and supermarket units and a primary school.

Energy Assets secured the contract via its subsidy ‘Blyth Utilities’.

Commenting on the development, Russell Gibson, CEO of Energy Assets said: “The award of this contract underpins the growth aspirations we have for Blyth as part of the Energy Assets Group.”

Smart meters in the UK

The deal marks a step ahead towards the country’s rollout of the smart meters.

In late March, metering company Smart Metering Systems (SMS) also entered into agreement with two retail energy providers for the rollout of 150,000 smart meters.

[quote] According to a company statement, SMS secured smart meter installation contracts with power utility Economy Energy and smart energy company Ecotricity.

Under the contract with Economy Energy, the metering company will install and maintain utility’s 100,000 smart electricity, gas and dual fuel meters.

With Ecotricity, SMS agreed to install 50,000 duel fuel smart meters for the company’s customers in the next 12 months.

The Glasgow-based metering company said rollout of the two programmes will be funded from its current revolving credit facility which was increased from £105 million (US$149.1m) to £150 million (US$213.1m) in early March. [N.Ireland experts calls for more smart meters to curb peak demand.]

In mid February, electric power utility Spark Energy partnered with property management company Orchard and Shipman to deploy an AMI system.

Under the partnership, Spark Energy agreed to install 1,200 smart electric meters in residential properties managed by Orchard and Shipman in Selkirk, south-east Scotland.

The rollout of the smart meters will be energy supplier’s first. [UK smart meters: DNV GL opens test lab in Peterborough]

Glasgow based Smart Metering Systems (SMS) will install the smart meters due to its Meter Asset Manager (MAM) services offering required by regulation towards installation of automated metering infrastructure in the UK.