UK water utility Thames Water is piloting an analytics system to improve the efficiency of water sourcing and remote monitoring of water assets.

The largest provider of water and wastewater services in the UK has confirmed it will use Accenture Smart Grid Services to conduct an 18-month trial between September 2013 and March 2015 to prove new ways of working by integrating its business systems with its operations technologies.

One of the new ways of working would be to create a single view of the water company’s operating systems and assets, such as pipe and treatment facilities.

Accenture will implement advanced analytics capabilities to enable more efficient water sourcing and remote monitoring of assets.

The information and data will help the utility anticipate equipment failures and respond in near real-time to critical situations, such as leaks or adverse weather events.

Suleman Alli, managing director of Accenture’s UK water utilities industry group, said: “The convergence of a wide range of digital technologies used to manage its infrastructure will give Thames Water greater flexibility to respond to varying operating conditions, such as fluctuations in demand and changing weather patterns.”

Thames Water has started the UK’s first smart water programme to install smart meters in all properties in its service area – which includes London and the Thames Valley – enabling residents to monitor their usage online.

Around 30 per cent of the company’s customers are on meters and the target is for 100 per cent deployment by 2030.

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