Ultrasonic water meter offers precision and a long product life


Skanderborg, Denmark — (METERING.COM) — May 8, 2009 – Under the byline “When every drop counts,” a new water meter based on ultrasound measurement, the MULTICAL® 61, has been launched by Kamstrup.

The product range encompasses eight dimensions with a flow range from 1.6 m3/h up until 40 m3/h with flange connection, which makes the MULTICAL® 61 suited for domestic use as well as for trade and industry.

This flow range, the advantage of the ultrasonic flow sensor, ranges from the consumption due to a dripping tap up to two times normal flow.
Furthermore the absence of mechanical parts guarantees a long product life with unchanging accuracy, which keeps operation costs to a minimum.

The MULTICAL® 61 is prepared for automatic remote reading via radio technology, GSM and a number of wired communication standards. Radio-based reading requires only the insertion of a communication module.

A large, readable display offers a wide range of features including volume display, reading of billing data, and historical values. An integrated data logger stores consumption data 15 years back in time.

The MULTICAL® 61 also enables leak surveillance. With 24/7 monitoring of the water flow through the meter registers leaking toilet cisterns, water boiler spirals, and other leakages are detectable.

With a 2.5 m cable the calculator can be placed in a more convenient position, not necessarily in direct contact with the flow unit. The distance between flow unit and calculator can be further increased up to 10 m by means of a pulse transmitter, which enables the display to be placed even in a different room.

The MULTICAL® 61 can be supplied by the power grid or by a battery with up to 12 years lifetime.

The MULTICAL® 61 has been tested and approved according to the international OIML R49 standard and is therefore delivered in accordance with the MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) 2004/22/EC. In addition the MULTICAL® 61 has been CE-labelled in accordance with the EMC-directive 89/336/EØF, the LV-directive 2006/95/EF, and the PE-directive 97/23/EF (DN 50…DN 80) category 1.