Utiligroup to be acquired


London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — May 31, 2010 – Energy data management and process solutions provider Utiligroup Limited is to be acquired by smart metering and energy data company Bglobal.

The maximum consideration for the deal is up to £12.8 million.

Utiligroup has three principal wholly owned trading subsidiaries: Utilisoft, a provider of energy data management and process solutions to companies operating in the energy and utilities sector, Utilisoft Australia, an established supplier of software solutions to the energy and utilities sector in Australia and Singapore, and Utiliserve, which offers managed service and IT application outsourcing capabilities to utility companies.

According to a statement Bglobal’s board anticipates that the enlarged group will develop a range of end-to-end smart meter data management platform applications servicing regulatory driven energy markets within the areas of domestic microgeneration feed-in tariff data management, pay-as-you-go for business (PAYGB) metering and data management, managed credit/prepayment metering solutions, and outsourced smart meter-to-bill IT and service solutions for U.K. energy suppliers.

Bglobal has, to date, installed nearly 100,000 smart meters and in the 12 months to 31 March 2010, installed approximately 40,000 meters, with over 5,000 meters installed in March 2010 alone. In addition the company has been piloting a managed, credit pay-as-you-go smart meter data service for one of the “Big Six” U.K. energy suppliers and is jointly piloting microgeneration metering and billing data with Utiligroup for another Big Six supplier’s new domestic solar and wind customers.

“Utiligroup is the U.K.’s leading energy data software specialist and together with Bglobal Metering we are creating the U.K.’s premier energy data solutions business positioned to deliver the full end-to-end smart energy solutions that our U.K. customers and markets all over the world are beginning to demand,” commented Bglobal chief executive Tony Barnes. “Whilst the focus to date has been the logistical effort of meter exchange, the growing challenge facing the industry in our view is the management and application of vast and continuous flows of smart meter data and the requirement to build entirely new types of information systems to process it.”

The enlarged group’s strategy is to create a full service, end-to-end smart energy value chain of products, services and new software applications that will help to build Britain’s low carbon, smart energy future.
“Being part of Bglobal plc provides Utiligroup with a wonderful opportunity not only to extend the reach of our software solutions and service businesses, but also to play a part in building compelling end-to-end deliverables with Bglobal Metering, harnessing the expertise of both organisations,” added John Furness, Managing Director of Utiligroup. “We look forward to our role in a major force that will build a smart energy world.”