Utilities implement AMR GPRS solution


Danish utility Sydvest Energi has deployed a new generation of integrated meters using GPRS as the communication medium, supplied by Enermet. The new meters have been connected to the active information management (AIM) system delivered by Enermet – a point-to-point solution where the AIM system directly communicates with integrated meters using GPRS technology.

GPRS incorporates packet-switching protocols and has shorter set-up time for Internet service provider connections. It is also possible to charge by the amount of data sent, rather than connect time, which is advantageous in the case of AMR. Enermet believes it is the first AMR system supplier to have successfully implemented GPRS communication for the reading of household energy data.

Enermet has also closed a contract with Linde Energi in Sweden using GPRS technology, and the project will be completed by end 2006. Linde Energi’s target is to have all its customers’ meters read automatically, and in the future all metering points connected to the AMR system will be used for collecting water consumption metering data too.