Utility user group forum to accelerate digital adoption launched by Capgemini


Philippe David,
Senior VP,
Utilities Leader,
Capgemini Consulting
Paris, France — (METERING.COM) — March 11, 2013 – A User Group Forum has recently been established by Capgemini as a new digital transformation offering for utilities, aimed to accelerate the adoption of digital by utilities and transform the way they interact with and understand customers, as well as drive efficiencies across their organization.

The User Group Forum will contribute to the innovation cycle by sharing thoughts on the vision of the future of utilities. This will enable customers to have direct access to studies, thought leaderships and technology demonstrations.  

In recent years, the realities of grid modernization, a more decentralized approach to energy generation, the more environmentally conscious customer and communities and the explosion of social media have all placed a big burden on utilities. Today, customers expect instant engagement with their power, gas or water provider, and many seek a more proactive role in managing their connectivity and energy use.

Concurrently connected objects in smart energy infrastructures, such as home energy automation, smart grid and smart city, are flooding utilities with data that their business and operational models are not equipped yet to extract the full value.

In a recent study Capgemini Consulting conducted with the MIT Center for Digital Business, it was found that 87 percent of utilities believe digital is ‘a key driver of their business performance’, but 62 percent do not believe they are investing enough in digital transformation. With this digital utilities transformation offering, Capgemini is aiming on bridging this gap and ensuring utilities providers are ready to adapt to the disruptive change digital has initiated within the industry.

“The importance of digital to internal processes and external customer processes cannot be overstated,” noted Philippe David, senior vice president, Utilities Leader for Capgemini Consulting. “There is a significant and measurable performance advantage for those organizations that have a highly developed or mature approach to digital transformation. Our digital utilities transformation offering helps these companies embrace digital, and initiate a cultural shift to a new operating level that delivers tangible business results.”

The digital utilities transformation framework enables utilities to assess their digital maturity, map their customers’ cross-channel ‘digital journey’, unlock and analyze powerful, actionable data and incorporate digital technologies like mobile and cloud into their enterprise architecture.