V200 water meter is first ZigBee certified digital water meter


Luton, U.K. and Melbourne, Australia — (METERING.COM) — September 23, 2011 – The V200 water meter jointly developed by Elster and Freestyle Technology has been certified by the ZigBee Alliance – the first digital water meter to be so certified, the companies have announced.

The V200 volumetric water meter, with an integrated electronic register, incorporates advanced data features and two-way radio communication. Combining the latest flow measurement technology with smart metering functionality has resulted in a hybrid solution that enables utilities to focus more effectively on water resource management and consumer engagement. The meter is available in a range of sizes covering a wide range of flow rates and conforms to European Directive 2004/22/EC.

The implementation of ZigBee technology enables utility companies to implement secure, easy-to-use wireless home area networks for managing energy and resources.

“We are delighted that the V200 has been officially certified to Smart Energy Profile 1.1 by the ZigBee Alliance,” said Andrew Donaghey, managing director of Freestyle Technology. “By providing utilities and consumers alike with the ability to gain instant visibility to water usage, we will be able to better manage this vital resource.”

“Certification of the world’s first battery operated ZigBee water meter is a significant achievement between Freestyle Technology and Elster,” added Rob Campbell, managing director of Elster’s water metering business in Australia.