V2G demonstration launched in European cities


According to a release, vehicle-to-grid technology to power Europe’s urban centres will be tested in a smart mobile energy project across three cities including Birmingham, Berlin and Valencia.

Transport Xtra says that the Smart Energy Project will investigate how cities can increase energy efficiency and decrease carbon emissions by integrating vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology into the existing energy infrastructure at district and city scale.

It adds that the programme will explore how electric vehicles (EVs) can support energy infrastructure through V2G, using EV batteries as short-term storage to manage energy demand at district and city scale in Birmingham, Berlin and Valencia.

Sean Lockie, director of urban transitions at Climate-KIC, said: “The Smart Mobile Energy programme offers a unique opportunity for us to test the beneficial impact of V2G technologies in cities, by creating an understanding of the size of the opportunity, identifying common barriers and mapping the actions required to deliver the integration of electric mobility and energy systems at a district and city scale.”

EVs Germany

In related news, the German government has announced that it will subsidise electric vehicle purchases in a bid to boost growth in the country’s EV market.

The Guardian states that electric car buyers will receive a €4,000 when they choose a purely electric vehicle, while buyers in the plug-in electric vehicle market will receive a €3,000 subsidy.

Having more electric vehicles on the road will also help the country reach its national climate goals “with zero-emission mobility”. Germany aims to have one million electric cars on the road by 2020. Currently there are 50,000 EVs on German roads in a pool of 45 million cars in the country.

The programme is expected to run up to 2019. The government has allocated €600m for the electric vehicle purchase subsidies.

The German government’s EV programme is open to German auto giants Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW as well as all other national and foreign brands.