Vattenfall taps eMeter for essential grid management capabilities


Cree Edwards,
Chairman & CEO,
Stockholm, Sweden and San Mateo, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 5, 2009 – Europe’s Vattenfall Group has selected smart grid management software provider eMeter’s EnergyIPTM meter data management (MDM) system to provide essential capabilities in support of the company’s smart metering initiative.

Vattenfall AB is Europe’s fourth largest generator of electricity and the largest producer of heat, and is responsible for over 6 million utility customers across Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands. Deployment has been completed for Vattenfall Finland and will provide the flexibility to integrate and automate metering operations and customer service capabilities tailored for Vattenfall`s Nordic markets.

The objective of the project is to improve operational and energy efficiency while increasing exemplary satisfaction approval ratings with customers. The project is expected to improve service for 360,000 customers within Vattenfall Finland.

EnergyIP provides real-time automation for Vattenfall’s complete meter-to-bill process, including processes for service automation. The resulting benefits for Vattenfall’s customers include greater information accuracy and improved customer service support that includes outage information, increased reliability and ability to manage renewable energy sources through improving network planning. In addition, EnergyIP will power Vattenfall’s smart meter lifecycle which includes smart meter asset tracking, installation management, device provisioning, and automated incident identification and handling. These processes will accelerate smart meter deployment,helping eliminate customer disruption and dramatically reducing call center volume during the transition to smart metering.

To drive down cost and complexity EnergyIP provides Vattenfall a solution to support the unique operational and regulatory requirements for each of Vattenfall’s markets, and enables two-way integration between 20 different meter protocols and Vattenfall’s SAP Utility Systems. As a member of the SAP Lighthouse project, eMeter supports efforts to define standard business interactions, an important consideration to Vattenfall.

"Vattenfall is a leading innovator in smart metering with over a million smart meter units already in the field. EnergyIP will provide a key component as Vattenfall implements their aggressive plan for their smart grid future. We will support Vattenfall`s ability to greatly increase their distributed generation and add far more renewable resources," said Cree Edwards, chairman and CEO of eMeter.