Versatile electronic watt-hour meters from Croatia


Versatile electronic watt-hour meters from Croatia

Six years ago RIZ-transmitters Co., a medium sized and professional company with more than 50 years of experience in electronics – especially in power radio transmitter design and manufacturing – started its electronic watt-hour meter program. The idea was to cover the expanding need for versatile and sophisticated electric energy metering and management. Using our experience in power and professional electronics, we developed our own generic single-phase and three-phase meters.

These generic meters, EBM95 and EBT95, have built-in tariff switch features, through either tariff time switch modules or ripple control receiver modules. Power demand measuring and registering is also included, and the built-in communication module IEC 1142 is of utmost importance.

Many other features are available, such as signalling, easy reading (either manual or remote) 18 billing periods, deep register for all measurements and register for all settings. The meters are of a solid mechanical design, with small and very practical dimensions, and they conform to international standards.

From these generic meters we developed a group emphasising some specific features like higher surge voltage strength, use of cyclometric registers, reactive energy measurements and tamper protection. The new technologically improved meters EBT502 and EBM102 are ready for official testing and approval.

RIZ meters have been successfully used in some rebuilt villages in Croatia. The villages are equipped with our meters and networked according to the IEC 1142 standard. Small farms and households have managed to reduce their electricity bills by 50%, simply by switching to lower price tariffs. At the same time the local electricity distribution company dramatically reduced its reading and billing costs. The result is that both suppliers and consumers are keen to enjoy the advantages of using RIZ electronic watt-hour meters.