Veutility offers first real time hosted community utility consumption solution


Antonio Ruzzelli,
CEO, Veutility
Dublin, Ireland — (METERING.COM) — December 9, 2010 – Irish company Veutility offers what it believes is the first real time hosted utility consumption solution that enables a company to have a real time view of its energy consumption using a handful of smart meters and a flexible management dashboard.

Using a single plug and play sensor, Veutility’s approach is to identify the energy consumption of a device or appliance through its electricity consumption signature technology. By identifying and storing this unique appliance signature, the technology can then monitor hundreds of appliances simultaneously using a single, low cost energy meter. The consumption can then be viewed by site, building, room or even appliance.

The three major functional areas that comprise the Veutility solution are the utility collector and communications interface, which can encompass various categories of collectors and meters; the Veutility portal, which is a hosted service interface to the customer comprising five major components – the Vu-dashboard, Vu-wizard, Vu-benchmark, services, and administration; and the Veutility hosted service, which is delivered via the internet to a rich portal environment.

Veutility is also agnostic of the communications standard and the installed hardware.

“Veutility provides a real competitive advantage to SMEs and large companies, who will be able to collect, compare and benchmark their energy consumption online,” states its website.

Veutility, which is headed by Antonio Ruzzelli, a researcher at University College Dublin’s Clarity Centre, was recently awarded the “Ireland’s Innovator” award at the Global Forum Dublin 2010.

Veutility’s solution is currently being trialed with three large enterprise customers and three SMEs, including a large pharmaceutical company, a large hotel and a restaurant.