Virtual grid management solutions for electricity market participants


Dan Johnson,
CEO, Verisae
Minneapolis, MN — (METERING.COM) — April 2, 2009  – A comprehensive suite of software and services that manages and automates a variety of electricity transactions across multiple ISO, RTO and utility territories is being offered through a partnership between clean technology software and services supplier Verisae and transmission and distribution supplier Areva T&D.

The combined solution, Virtual Grid Management, manages traditional electricity transactions as well as automates demand and price response programs, bidding, meter data, customer site automation and daily settlement of ISO, market participant and customer transactions.

Virtual Grid Management encompasses Verisae’s behind the customer meter modules, such as meter data management and load controls, including measurement and verification, carbon management, rebate and incentives, and a host of related facility automation and end user applications. The customer and meter data feed into Areva’s market solutions, including ISO interfaces, market bidding and settlement systems, as well as contract management, demand event management, scheduling, risk management, forecasting, optimization and more.

According to Dan Johnson, Verisae CEO, “We see the marketplace evolving toward a marriage of commodity supply options with demand response and demand reduction opportunities that benefit end use customers, utilities, ISOs and energy service providers alike. To truly manage these diversified transactions, for both customers and energy service providers, it requires a robust set of solutions that work seamlessly together. We believe our strengths in customer solutions in combination with AREVA’s best in class market solutions provide the automation needed to manage diverse portfolios across multiple markets."

The Virtual Grid Management solution set is modular and can be utilized in concert with existing software and meter solutions or stand alone, depending on customer requirements. The solutions also can be deployed in software as a service mode.