VITROPERM®- based current transformers and power measurement SOCs combine for metering applications


Hanau, Germany — (METERING.COM) — October 29, 2008 – VACUUMSCHMELZE’s new current transformers, featuring VITROPERM® alloy core for high-precision readings plus improved tamper proofing, have been combined with Teridian Semiconductor’s power measurement integrated circuits (ICs) to form an ideal system solution for a broad range of power metering applications.

VAC’s latest current transformer models are based on alloy cores of the VITROPERM® family. These direct-current-tolerant CTs have measurement ranges of 60 A or 100 A. In addition, they feature low amplitude deviation of around 0.5% and high linearity phase curves that allow for ease of compensation in use with Teridian ICs.

The outstanding features of Teridian’s extensive portfolio of power measurement ICs, targeted for single-phase and poly-phase metering applications, permit easy compensation of non-linearities in the phase error of a VITROPERM® CT, typically at 0.9 degree, the amplitude and phase deviations which result from temperature fluctuations.

The advanced features of both VAC’s and Teridian’s products offer customers unique system performance benefits.