VoIP for Swiss utility successfully deployed


MainNet 2Bellinzona, Switzerland — (METERING.COM — March 19, 2007 – AMB, an electric utility located in southern Switzerland, has successfully deployed commercial Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services using MainNet’s PLUS™ broadband powerline communications solution. AMB is now offering VoIP and Internet services over its existing electric grid to customers in the Ticino region.
AMB was looking to diversify its product range by also offering broadband communication services to its electricity subscribers in both residential and small business categories. MainNet’s end-to-end BPL/PLC PLUS™ system with its high QoS and voice priority features allows AMB to offer its WAMBO (Internet speeds of 300kb/s to 1600kb/s in accordance with a user’s requirements) and WAMBOTEL (VoIP using standard, off-the-shelf VoIP ATAs [Analog Telephony Adapters]) services at competitive prices.
"Compared with other solutions in the market, MainNet were able to provide us with a field-proven BPL/PLC solution, and the added values we were looking for," said Mauro Suá, General Director of AMB. "MainNet’s feature-rich PLUS solution enables us to offer Internet at different speeds and VoIP services – as well as creating the infrastructure for future implementation of smart grid applications. Using our existing electricity grid to run WAMBO and WAMBOTEL services, we can provide broadband communication services to rural areas that are not served by other technologies."
iLight, MainNet’s local partner, integrated and implemented the BPL/PLC solution at AMB.