VOLTARIS and Deutsche Telekom conclude intelligent energy network contract


Peter Zayer,
Managing Director,
Bonn and Merzig, Germany — (METERING.COM) — February 9, 2011 – A framework agreement on a reading service for up to 100,000 energy meters has been concluded between meter point operation expert VOLTARIS and Deutsche Telekom.

Telekom will install a communication box and, if desired, an electronic meter in households across Rhineland Palatinate and Saarland for VOLTARIS in order to communicate the recorded consumption data every 15 minutes to VOLTARIS. This lays the foundations in southwest Germany for the energy network of the future.

The contract has a term of five years and a volume of between €500,000 and a few million depending on its expansion.

“Since the beginning of 2010, energy suppliers are required to create electricity bills during the year and since 2011 additional variable rates, and we are expecting a significant increase in demand for electronic meters,” commented Peter Zayer, managing director of VOLTARIS.

“Deutsche Telekom is perfectly equipped for introducing electronic meters: we have thousands of service staff across Germany, a nearly nationwide communication network and experience in dealing with bulk data which makes us the leading partner for the energy industry,” added Gabriele Riedmann de Trinidad, responsible for the energy business area at Deutsche Telekom.