Water Conservation Contracts Won In UK

Qonnectis plc, an energy and water conservation IT services provider, has won orders from two major UK customers. A UK national water conservation consultancy has introduced Qonnectis’ remote meter reading and myMeter web services to caravan parks on behalf of its local authority customers, allowing the authority to remotely read and analyse the water consumption at these traditionally high-consumption sites.

In a second contract, an emergency services authority with over 100 sites is also beginning multi-site use of Qonnectis’ products and services. This is a multi-utility solution encompassing water, gas and electricity smart metering, whereby the authority’s meters will be read automatically every 15 to 30 minutes for energy and water efficiency purposes.

Qonnectis now has over 45 national and international utilities, end-user businesses and public sector organisations using its system, which allows energy and water consumption data to be communicated remotely and securely from multiple highly dispersed sites back to a central data centre, being made accessible via simple web interfaces.