Water metering technology receives European patent


Ian Pearson,
Environment Minister,
Cambridge, U.K. — (METRING.COM) — March 14, 2007 – Sentec, a research organization specializing in the utility metering sector, has announced the grant of a European patent on its Sterling water meter technology, just as DEFRA is conducting a consultation on the possibility of compulsory water metering in areas of water stress in the U.K.

The Sterling technology provides ‘smart’ state-of-the-art water metering, based on electromagnetic flow principles, ideal for small, battery-powered meters. This means that it has no moving parts to wear or malfunction and is at least as accurate as the best mechanical meter. All these benefits put it ahead of the traditional alternatives yet, even with a battery life of 15 years, it costs no more than a vulnerable mechanical meter with a ‘smart’ electronics module added on.

“Sterling gives meter manufacturers a leading edge, allowing them to build static meters with outstanding performance at realistic costs,” says Tom Fryers, Commercial Director of Sentec. “It can form the basis of meters able to detect leaks downstream in both residential and industrial applications and play a valuable part in network monitoring, where its lower cost allows a greater number of meters to be deployed. Sterling can be the key to locating water losses.

“U.K. Environment Minister Ian Pearson has drawn attention to the value of metering, which can save on average ten per cent of usage per household. We believe that Sterling can play an important environmental role both in water saving and in leakage reduction in the UK and in many other countries facing the same environmental pressures,” concludes Fryers. “The next stage is for us to work closely with major water meter manufacturers to ensure that the new technology is introduced and becomes an integral part of water resource management. The rapidly increasing interest in robust, accurate and smart meters means that Sterling has a great future.”