UK utility kickstarts £4.9m pilot


Western Power Distribution is installing data analytics software developed by EA Technology to monitor ten substations under a pilot programme.

The pilot is part of the OpenLV project and is expected to help Western Power Distribution develop a reliable and resilient smart grid comprising distributed generation, energy storage and electric vehicle charging stations.

EA Technology claims its LV-Cap platform will enable the distribution system operator to connect with other utilities’ and exchange capacity to meet peak demands.

In addition, the software will help reduce load on certain substations to increase assets lifespan and help the utility to reduce operational and maintenance costs.

The technology will provide insights on how much energy is being generated by wind and solar resources at certain times.

Moreover, utilities can make use of the solution to command energy storage systems.

New business model and management of substations

The news follows an announcement made in July by Western Power Distribution of the company’s plans to invest £125 million in transition to a distribution system operator.

The energy company said transitioning into a DSO would help the firm to adapt to the changing demands of the UK’s power market.  The investment will be directed towards expanding service offerings and incorporate areas such as flexibility services procurement, grid resilience improvements and drive greater network efficiency.

Western Power Distribution will focus its work in five key areas including data integrity, market integration, IT systems, custom propositions and equipment. Read more on this…

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, the Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) upgraded its management of substations and employed remote monitoring and operation of substations by installing a software developed by Elipse.

The utility deployed gateway technology that will allow real-time monitoring of some 14 substations in Ha Tinh and Hung Yen municipalities. The software will enable grid data telemetry between EVNNPC and its grid assets and applications including switches, fire alarm systems, meters, relays, transformers and third-party RTUs in substations. More on this…


Image Credit: 123rf.