Wireless M-Bus RF module and wireless USB adapter from AMBER wireless


Cologne, Germany — (METERING.COM) — November 14, 2011 – The radio module AMB8425-M and AMB8465-M wireless USB adapter have been introduced by AMBER wireless as complementary technologies for automated and advanced metering.

The AMB8425-M radio module is a versatile low cost and low power radio module in the 868 MHz frequency band.

The AMB8465-M is a wireless M-Bus USB radio stick that is intended as a directly usable solution for selection and service terminals. It is ideal for connecting PCs or mobile terminals for testing, inspection and maintenance of meters and data concentrators (MUCs) with a radio interface.

To interact, the USB stick, which communicates wirelessly with the radio module AMB8425-M, uses the virtual COM port or direct access via USB. The applied USB controller (FTDI FT232R) supports USB 2.0.

The USB wireless stick possesses all the capabilities of the AMB8425-M radio module: the radio module, designed according to EN 13757-4: 2005 (Wireless M-Bus) for wireless data transfer, makes uni-directional and bi-directional communication possible between meters, data concentrators and portable data acquisition systems. Thanks to the compact size and low power consumption, the radio module is not only particularly suitable for battery-powered applications, but is also extremely cost effective.

The AMB8425-M radio module and the wireless USB adapter are also compliant with the German Open Metering System (OMS). As a member of Figawa (companies in the gas and water field) AMBER wireless works within the OMS Group, contributing substantially to designing of the OMS specification.

The integrated microprocessor of the radio module controls the entire data communication between the various consumption meters. Whereas for the S, T, and R operating modes there are different radio channels and data rates to choose from. Also, securing the data is as easy as it is reliable: the AES128 encryption system ensures high data security.

As a communications interface, the AMB8425-M radio module has a data rate of up to 115.2 kbps via the UART interface. Alternatively, there is also an SPI interface available.