Wireless meter reading the easy way


Skanderborg, Denmark — (METERING.COM) — November 13, 2009 – The USB Meter Reader, a small USB stick with a power supply, has been introduced for easy wireless meter reading.

The USB Meter Reader, from Danish metering solutions provider Kamstrup, is very simple in concept. When the device is in physical proximity to an energy or consumption meter equipped with a radio module, it automatically identifies the meter. If the identification number of the meter is known in the system it reads the necessary consumption data.

In this way it is possible to collect electricity, water, or heat/cooling consumption data from an entire residential area, just by walking up and down the street.

One USB Meter Reader can hold data from 200 meters. If more meters are to be read several USB sticks can be used or the reading process can be done with the USB Meter Reader mounted in a portable PC. In this way the capacity is increased to 800 meters.

The system software can be downloaded from the internet directly to a PC, and in order to transfer data from the USB Meter Reader to the system software, the device is simply put into the PC USB port, after which the data transfer starts automatically.

With the USB Meter Reader Kamstrup is responding to the demands of utilities and housing associations with a moderate number of meters. The device is an inexpensive and simple alternative to existing meter reading systems on the market, which often prove to be an investment out of proportion for this segment.