Yorkshire resident’s water bill springs a leak

Map of Yorkshire - Abstract

England—(METERING.COM)—June 24, 2006 – Water companies in England are treading softly after a spate of poor service quality and negligent maintenance issues have focused attention on utility delivery. However, this didn’t help George and Deborah McManus of Yorkshire, who had had a water meter installed at their home in an effort to reduce their water bills. Instead they were presented with a bill of over í¢”š¤1000 by their local water provider – and when they complained, the utility attributed the increase to a possible leak.

After hours of searching by Mr. McManus, no leak was found. It was six months later when Mr. McManus’s service provider, Yorkshire Water, realized that he had in fact being paying for his neighbors’ water bill – on top of his own. Commenting on the incident, Mr. McManus said, “when the engineer first came I said jokingly that maybe I was paying for the rest of the street. The engineer said ‘No sir, I know these houses. You have got a leak’.”

Now Mr. McManus has had a new meter fitted at his home – but has not yet received a refund or apology from Yorkshire Water. A spokesman from the utility has said that he will soon receive a letter confirming its actions and apologizing for the time it took to resolve the problem.