ZIV’s future-proofed smart meter: Turning data into a smarter grid


Txetxu Arzuaga, metering business development manager, ZIV, explores a future-proofed smart meter:

  • Meters will gather more data in order to facilitate the adoption of new applications, such as beyond the line applications, technologies allowing for greater customer involvement through real-time energy data
  • Smart meter data will enhance the operations of grid operators if data is managed effectively
  • Connectivity will be key to optimal functionality
  • Data will be used beyond billing the customer

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTUlRXnliyE]

Going beyond metering requires very good connectivity as smart meters need to transmit their data very often to both, DSO’s and consumers. ZIV is ready to enhance the current family of smart meters with new connectivity options so that grid operations and new consumer applications can rely on the data generated by smart meters. A good example of these new connectivity options are both, PLC PRIME 1.4 version and the NB-IoT applications that will be available in ZIV metering platform in 2019.

• The current family of ZIV smart meters have multiple connectivity options
• ZIV meters integrate either cellular telecommunication interfaces such as LTE or PLC (based on PRIME or Meters & More) for DNO’s connections.
• They also have different home area network interfaces based on different market requirements, such as P1 interface for the Dutch market or Zigbee for the UK market.