The Global Power & Energy Elites 2021

The Global Power & Energy Elites is industry’s moment to celebrate those at the forefront of innovation and an opportunity to position your brand amongst inspiring leaders and projects.
The power and industry in pursuit of carbon neutrality

Podcast episode #8: In pursuit of carbon neutrality

In this episode, we delve into the details of Capgemini's latest World Energy Markets Observatory (WEMO), and discuss the challenges and opportunities the energy market is facing.
petrochemical industry

Siemens Energy partners to decarbonise petrochemical industry

A new partnership has been formed by Siemens Energy and Linde Engineering to decarbonise the petrochemical industry.
amazon ceo sustainability

Amazon CEO announces first recipients of his $10bn Earth Fund

Amazon CEO has named the 16 organizations who together will receive $791 million to continue their work fighting for climate justice.
irena gwec

IRENA, GWEC expand partnership to accelerate the energy transition

IRENA and the Global Wind Energy Council to increase the adoption and deployment of renewables to accelerate the energy transition.

Global perspectives on cyber threats shift after pandemic wake-up call

Information technology firm Wipro has released a new report presenting the changing perspectives of cybersecurity globally.
News archive story fallback

‘Blockchain for Energy’ consortium (re)launched

The oil and gas operators blockchain consortium has rebranded as the Blockchain for Energy consortium.
wi-fi iot connectivity

Wi-Fi and LoRa Alliances announce results of trials with 11 firms

Adding LoRaWAN to Wi-Fi using network mutualisation is a cost-effective way to deployment using the existing base of Wi-Fi access points.

Ed’s note: AI – magic or mayhem?

AI is not the panacea to all, nor will it render us ruled by machines or part of the Matrix. The reality lies somewhere in between.

AI set to cut GHG emissions by 16% in the next...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled use cases for climate action have the potential to help organisations fulfil up to 45% of their Economic Emission Intensity (EEI) targets of the Paris Agreement.

Itron Utility Week is now Itron Inspire

Itron has announced that its flagship event IUW concluded with record registration of more than 1,500 registrants from across the globe.

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