2019, Predictions, IBM report predictions for utility industry

2019 – the year ahead

A new year brings with it a sense of renewal and opportunity, a feeling that anything is possible and that the trails and...
AI i

Talking to machines (and telling them what to do!)

In this day and age, relations between humans and machines have become rather fraught. A growing number of anxieties crystallise around the use of...
networking and communications infrastructure

Utility grid networking to reach $100 billion by 2028

Navigant Research forecasts utilities will spend $100 billion on grid networking over the next decade
smart grid

New report highlights which segment will lead global smart meters market

According to ABI Research, water utilities will drive the growth of the global smart meters market over the next five years.
digital twin technology

Digital Twins: finding the golden thread

A couple of months ago, David Socha proposed at the end of his initial trilogy of blogs on Digital Twins that there was, in...
smart meters deployment

Global trends in smart metering

The smart metering industry is maturing. In 2016, utilities will invest $14.3 billion in smart meters for electricity and gas, pushing the total installed...

HYDRUS 2.0 – the new generation of ultrasonic water meters

The answer to every challenge The international markets for water and energy are undergoing radical change, which is being clearly felt by suppliers in Europe....
Bank of Egypt

Schneider announces venture capital for energy sustainability

Schneider Electric has unveiled “Schneider Electric Ventures”, which identifies, nurtures and supports innovations contributing to future sustainability and energy efficiency.

Is blockchain all it’s cracked up to be

Smart Energy International spoke with Jo-Jo Hubbard, chief operating officer and co-founder of Electron, a start-up which utilises decentralised technology to advance the shared...
Linky smart meter guide 101

Smart meters 101: France’s Linky electricity meters

As France begins its nationwide smart meter rollout, we take a closer look at Linky as well as the country's path to 95% digital...

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