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Indian company develops water-fuelled battery

The battery uses water as fuel and requires “refilling” every 100 kilometers, thanks to its use of graphene.
edge computing

Navigant issues predictions for edge computing in IoT buildings market

The global revenue for the edge computing market for the Internet of Things in commercial buildings will record a 11.2% increase through to 2027
LORA alliance

The IoT platform dilemma

At the end of 2015, Gartner predicted that “Through 2018, 80% of IoT implementations will squander transformational opportunities by focusing on narrow...

Ed’s note: The UK’s regulatory stew

Regulation of the energy sector is a complex and complicated endeavour, especially in the UK at the moment.

Blockchain to shape new trends in energy trading

New report highlights the impact of prosumerism and distributed energy on the energy transaction landscape.
Three quarters of energy firms limiting connectivity development due to cyber threats

Cyber threats continue limiting IoT and 5G adoption, report

According to a new report from Osborne Clarke, data protection and privacy concerns in relation to GDPR regulations are slowing the adoption of IoT.

New report highlights latest trends in long-duration energy storage market

North America, Western Europe, and the Asia Pacific will account for approximately 86.7% of new installed long duration energy storage capacity through...
Simply energy, digital, digitalisation

Top five tech trends for utilities in 2019

As we move into what will undoubtedly be another year of disruption and innovation in the energy sector, Graeme Wright, chief technology...

VIDEO: What’s a smart meter to you?

Take a look at how industry leaders define a smart meter, some think it could even save the world...

Analog Devices, providing solutions for electric utilities

Being able to adapt and diversify a working business model is critical in the current power and energy market environment as these...

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