Global Power & Energy Elites

The Global Power & Energy Elites 2020, showcasing the hottest leaders and innovative projects in the energy sector, is now available!

After nearly 10 months in production, based on nominations from the industry, this annual journal celebrates those who are driving the energy sector forward.

Why you will want to read this issue…

This issue offers inspiration, fresh ideas and outlooks to leadership and project execution. Find out how your industry peers are leading their teams through challenging terrain to ensure their objectives are achieved.

Every leader, and project, has their own unique charm, which we have endeavoured to capture within the pages of this book.

These teams are pushing boundaries and executing projects that are making a real difference to the wider communities, setting benchmarks and sharing best practice with others who work on similar ventures.

The power & energy sector as we know it, is changing. Roger Smith, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Utilities, sets the tone for the year ahead, noting that the focus of utilities is transitioning toward becoming more customer-centric highlighting that “in today’s world, services are the new currency.” Read his full welcome note on p.5.

Meet the Leaders of the 2020 Global Power & Energy Elites:
• Dhaval Radia (p. 12)
• Eirini Stavropoulou (p.14)
• Frauke Thies (p.16)
• Heather Rosentrater (p.18)
• Ivan Geliukh (p.20)
• Joanna Hubbard (p.22)
• Juliet Shavit (p.24)
• Leslie Sibert (p.26)
• Lovisa Fricot Noren (p.28)
• Ron Beatty (p.30)
• Terry Mohn (p.32)
• Ujunwa Ojemeni (p.34)
• Yeo Bee Yin (p.36)

Showcasing industry’s innovation and best practice

With over twenty projects, spanning across generation, transmission and distribution, this edition is sure to have a noteworthy place on your office desk and in your next board meeting. You will find the projects on p.42.

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Nominations for 2021 are now open!

Nominations are open to all projects and leaders in the power and energy value chain at both region and global levels in a number of categories.

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