Recording: Digital power plants: Fostering sustainable and reliable power generation

The expert panel discussion would address how digitalization of power plants would enable companies to deliver sustainable & reliable power generation whilst being a scalable, flexible and an agile enterprise that can proactively align itself to the ever-changing business requirements.
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State joint venture to support smart meter rollout in India

A joint venture company is being established to provide the infrastructure for India’s distribution companies to accelerate their smart meter rollout.
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Atria Power and Azelio partner on energy storage in India

Azelio and India’s Atria Power have signed a MoU to collaborate on installing over 65MW capacity of Azelio’s energy storage until 2025 in India.
Omnimesh IoT

Indian utility to expand smart meter rollout with 350k order

Madhya Pradesh Paschim Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Ltd has ordered some 350,000 Omnimesh modules from UK firm CyanConnode.

Webinar recording: Digital Transformation – Utility of Future

A “Utility of the Future” in pursuit of this journey shall adopt a series of digital initiatives that will transform the way energy is produced, delivered, and consumed across the value chain.
EESL smart meters

India’s Genus Power and EESL set Asia Pacific’s smart meter supply...

The 1.5 million units supplied by Genus Power are part of EESL’s project to deploy 240 million smart meters over the next three years.

Webinar recording: Emission Control Compliance – Facilitate, Collaborate, Implement

This webinar will facilitate deliberations between relevant industry stakeholders on the way forward for the timely implementation & compliance of the emission norms.
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How renewable energy could reduce financial distress for Indian discoms

IEEFA urges discoms to partner with governments to retire their old inefficient and expensive thermal power plants to cut average cost of power procurement.

Recording: Indian Energy Transition 2.0 – The New Paradigm

The series aims to provide industry leaders and their extended teams regular insights, expert viewpoints and thought leadership content from not just government and financial institutions but also their counterparts from global utility industry; helping them navigate this current socio-economic upheaval.

bp invests in India’s Green Growth Equity Fund

BP has announced it will invest $70 million to support the growth of renewable energy in India through the Green Growth Equity Fund.

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