Rawalpindi, Pakistan — (METERING.COM) — January 8, 2009 – A project to install 6,000 commercial water meters has been delayed for four months after the Asian Development Bank (ADB) expressed concern over technical faults in the meters.

According to the Daily Times of Pakistan the project management unit of the Rawalpindi Environmental Improvement Project (REIP), which is being funded by the ADB, has been asked by the Bank to get assurance from the meter manufacturer that it would remove technical faults in the meters before handing them over to the Project. The water meters are understood to record air for a few seconds after being switched on.

The Bank has also recommended that the company install couplings with all meters so that they could be fixed on horizontal and vertical pipelines freely and remove the fault that causes them to count air.

The Rawalpindi Environmental Improvement Project is aimed at improving the living conditions and quality of life of the people of Rawalpindi, principally by improving water supply and sanitation. The Project, which is being supported by the ADB, is formulated to support the government’s poverty reduction initiatives, as well as the devolution of power and responsibility to local governments.

In the first phase of the project, 6,000 commercial water meters are to be installed, followed by 44,000 domestic water meters in the second phase. Phase one is costing Rs41 million (US$0.53 million) and phase two Rs73 million (US$0.94 million).