In the second quarter of 2004 Zyzyz Canada starts distribution of next-generation lead-free flow meters designed for hot and cold water applications. The replacement of traditional brass bodies with potable water approved glass reinforced plastic composite has created many benefits. Because they do not have any lead compounds in contact with water, the meters exceed stringent NSF/ANSI lead contamination requirements.

The advanced manufacturing technology guarantees high accuracy and repeatability of dimensions and surface finishes. Accelerated ageing tests have shown exceptional durability, stress and shock resistance, as well as stability of measurements. The margin of temperature resistance is exceptional. The meters resist thermal shock up to 570°F (300°C).

Being made of plastic, the meters are 50% lighter than all-metal counterparts. This creates less stress on the supporting structures. Their response to vibration is better than that of metal meters: plastic meters act as vibration and noise suppressors. Their calibration stays within required limits longer, because of less friction, less stickiness and less accumulation of deposits such as calcium and magnesium salts.

The flow meters are compatible with most reading technologies. They can be integrated with thermal energy (heat) meters offered by Zyzyz and incorporated in many utility monitoring and billing systems.