XEMICS, a privately-owned fabless semiconductor company with its headquarters in Switzerland, has introduced TrueRF™ XE1283 – a powerful combination of a full-featured ISM-band transceiver and an ultra-low-power RISC microcontroller. This combination means the link budget exceeds 128 dB. Ranges of up to several kilometres can be achieved at low data rates, with an optimised RF layout and without external transmitter PA or receiver LNA, and with minimal power consumption.

The company is also introducing the DP1283 ‘drop-in’ RF module based on the XE1283 circuit. This compact module is pre-certified to conform to ETSI/FCC regulations and is available in three frequencies. The XE1283 and DP1283 are intended for low power sensing networks with an emphasis on battery-powered (down to 2.4V) applications such as AMR and home automation, where outstanding battery life can be achieved if full use is made of the controller’s power saving modes.