IRENA highlights how Jordan can achieve energy security with renewables

A new report published by IRENA has identified a series of policy measures that can help advance the energy transition towards renewable energy in Jordan.

Webinar 11 March: TID Rollover | The Time Is Now

Join the STS Association in this live discussion, which will detail the TID Rollover process, the risk associated with the TID Rollover and available support to successfully implement the TID Rollover.

DEWA launches platform for self-assessment of solar PV system designs

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has launched the ‘Hab Reeh’ solar PV design assessment platform in its move to become paperless.

India’s ‘sun never sets’ global grid initiative enters next step

EDF is reported to lead the consortium to develop a vision and roadmap for achieving India’s ‘One Sun One World One Grid’ project.

Bahrain’s public utility to digitalise its operations

Bahrain Electricity and Water (EWA), the kingdom’s public utility, is to implement advanced digital solutions across its operations.

Kadyrinskaya hydropower plant modernisation

Located in the Tashkent region, Uzbekistan, the Kadyrinskaya Hydropower Plant (Kadyrinskaya HPP-3) forms part of the Chirchik-Bozsuv cascade of 19 hydropower plants.

DEWA claims new record low electricity and water network losses

Dubai Electricity and Water (DEWA) has achieved what are believed to be the world’s lowest distribution network and water network losses.

Saft provides an energy storage solution for Kazakhstan wind farm

In Kazakhstan, APS Energia selected Saft for the provision of its battery solution for optimisation of a wind farm during winter harsh conditions.

ADD GRUP and KVA will deliver 250,000 smart meters to Beirut

ADD GRUP and KVA s.a.l. will deliver 250,000 smart meters to Beirut, Lebanon ADD Grup, together with its partner...
energy innovation

US and Israeli energy departments fund eight innovation projects

Eight more energy innovation projects from Israel and the US are set to benefit from funding released through the Binational Industrial Research and Development Energy programme.

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