EkaMurmansk, Russia — (METERING.COM) — October 13, 2006 – Earlier this year Eka Systems Inc. completed the installation of its AMI mesh network system for Lenenergo in St. Petersburg. Now the company has announced the deployment of a residential wireless mesh network AMR system of 11,000 meters in Murmansk.

Eka Systems, Data Transfer – the systems integrator – and Murmansk City Grid Company are combining Eka’s system with Data Transfer’s backend software for billing, load-research and other applications.
The EkaNet™ Wireless Mesh AMR System is a true mesh network that provides reliable two-way near real-time data transport solution. When combined with Data Transfer’s software package, it is able to offer utilities throughout Russia a robust end-to-end AMR solution to meet the growing needs for advanced metering.
EkaNet is a patented true wireless mesh technology. Meter nodes respond to their dynamic wireless environment to route data, without hard limitations on the number of hops or meter nodes per gateway. The system is self-configurable and provides the ability to create large-scale AMR systems with low operating costs.
“The success of the deployment in St. Petersburg made it an easy decision for us,” said Sergein Gabrielyan, Managing Director of Murmask City Grid Company. “Interval data is available as soon as the meters are turned on, and Lenenergo has thoroughly tested the system to its limits by trying to break the network. We are impressed with how robust the network is.”