100 million smart electricity meters by 2014


Jacob Pereira,
IHS analyst for
smart utilities
Austin, TX, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 9, 2013 – More than 100 million smart electricity meters are expected to be shipped in 2014, according to IHS Inc. in a new report.
Up from an estimated 82 million units in 2013, annual shipments are expected to exceed the hundred million mark until at least 2017. By then, these units will account for almost $5 billion in revenue for meter manufacturers, with almost three-quarters of this coming from Asia.
The projection comes despite a rapidly decreasing North American market given the drying up of government funding, watered down meter legislation in Latin America, and continuing delays to the smart meter rollouts in the European Union.
“While it is true that growth in many of the traditional markets for advanced metering solutions has been disappointing in recent years, there is quite a bit of good news as well,” said Jacob Pereira, IHS analyst for smart utilities infrastructure. “China’s massive infrastructure modernization effort includes a continuing countrywide overhaul of old metering systems, and that can make a big difference in a country of well over 400 million metering endpoints. In addition, recent announcements from some of the larger EU economies have added clarity to when their long anticipated rollouts will begin in earnest, charging up the market.”
In short, the market for communicating meters isn’t stopping, or even slowing for that matter – it’s just changing locations.