90 utilities in 7 countries save 3 TWh of energy says Opower


90 utilities in 7 countries have saved 3 TWh of energy – enough to power all the homes in a city of 600,000 people for a year, such as Las Vegas, Baltimore or Bristol, UK – through use of the energy efficiency, demand response and customer engagement solutions from Opower, the company has reported.

This saving also amounts to a reduction in consumers’ utility bills by $350 million and abatement of 4.6 billion pounds of CO2 emissions.

“Opower was founded with the goal of changing the way that people think about and engage with their energy use,” said Dan Yates, CEO and founder. “The growing global demand for our cloud-based software has led to powerful outcomes for our utility partners and the customers they serve. Worldwide, we have proven that targeted, relevant, intuitive data and recommendations spur households and businesses to reduce energy consumption and save money.”

Opower’s solutions are enabled by its customer engagement platform, Opower 4, the use of which has continued to grow to total 22 million consumers and businesses worldwide currently.

Over the past two quarters, Opower has added eight new utility partners, including Kansas City Power & Light and E.ON, and expanded several existing utility partnerships, including DTE Energy. This has expanded the platform to 8 million new residential and business end-users.

In September, Opower released a new Behavioral Demand Response solution (BDR). Unlike traditional demand response programs that rely on devices in customers’ homes, Opower’s BDR uses smart meter data to deliver personalized insights to every customer through their communication channel of choice, motivating them to reduce usage during times of peak demand. This enables utilities to quickly deploy demand response capability to their entire residential customer base.

To serve its growing customer base Opower has offices in San Francisco, London and Singapore, in addition to its headquarters in Arlington, VA.